I’m a digital designer who is designing products with simplicity in mind and committed to make the world easier to use.

I strive to focus on design as the primary tool of user interaction in each point of contact which helps to ensure the integrity of brand perception, increases involvement and stimulates growth.

Work experience:

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UI/UX designer, Immigrant Invest

I create and complement the user interface, take care and develop the design system, monitor the consistency of the design for Immigrant Invest

Lead designer, PizzaBot (robotic pizza kiosk)

I took care of user interface and its identity for PizzaBot

Senior designer, Art director, CEO and Founder Yep! Team

I managed projects and employees, found, raised and inspired professionals. I evaluated budgets and had experience in business and entrepreneurship.

Art Director Ya pokupau (Magazine)

I managed tasks and people: I assigned tasks to designers on the team, developed key layouts, and defended the design at client meetings